Weekdays Monday – Friday


Soul Food

As the name indicates, this early morning show offers food for the soul. Whereas the body needs food for maintenance and growth, the soul needs the word of God for right conscience and spiritual growth.
Since life is full of uncertainties, we journey with the listener on everyday challenges; who inturn is encouraged with spiritual teachings and insightful topics that touch on the relationship with God, neighbour and oneself.
Tune in and you will not miss a brief explanation of an excerpt from the day’s gospel reading, a lesson from a saint and a Christian challenge as take-home.

Hosted by Billy Ndeda

Morning Tide

Your Morning/Midmorning show that intends to set the pace for the day.. The content ranges from Faith matters, Current affairs, Financial/money practical lessons, Social and family discussions, inspiring stories, Health talks and so much more. The music blends well with the time of the day selected from all genres to help set the best mood for the day.
Morning Tide seeks to inspire hope, motivate, teach, evangelize and more so entertain!!!
Morning Tide: Making the day Count!!!!!

Hosted by Bramwel Opiyo

Insight on HIV

Join Jenny, a health journalist in this weekly talk show that aims at reaching out to the infected or affected by HIV in the community with a message of hope. Through promoting positive behavioural change message, the show hosts various health experts and case studies focusing on different issues surrounding HIV.
#HIVawareness #EndHIVstigma

Hosted by Jenny

Amani Imani

It is common knowledge that where there is peace, there is faith and where there is faith there will be peace. We discuss various aspects of human life that enhance peace individually, in the family, community and nation. You will get to understand how you can embrace and enhance peaceful co-existence in the community.

Hosted by Maurice Otsieno a.k.a Muritsi Wakusinyo

Tafrija za Heri Njema

Join for great conversations that revolve around how well you know Kiswahili, Youth matters, Great Bible Stories, Family life and crown your week with the best choir countdown.

Hosted by Kate Oduor (Tabibu 24/7)

Barizi na Waumini

After the hustle and bustle of the day unwind in style on Barizi Na Waumini Mon-Fri from 4-8pm with #Balozi Jenny! From carefully selected songs to the experts on different issues, Barizi will get you informed, inspired, motivated and entertained!

Hosted by Jenny

Bustani ya Waumini

This show aims at informing, educating and entertaining the listener with different segments on catholic faith, catechesis, health, relationships, family life and counselling. It hosts experts in different segments who do interactive sessions where listeners air their opinions and queries. The program Bustani plays pure catholic choir music.

Hosted by Monicah Wangui Irungu

Masomo Ya Bibilia kama Ilivyoandikwa

This show gives you an opportunity to listen to God daily in our lives by reading the bible. With His voice we are strengthened to soldier on even when events in our lives appear very difficult and challenging.

Hosted by Maurice Otsieno a.k.a Muritsi Wakusinyo



Asubuhi Tulivu

A weekly Swahili show that highlights weekday hustles and bustles as we usher in the weekend in style. Featuring cool worship tunes among other medleys, daily readings, birthday & wedding wishes and chemsha bongo segments all in a package to start your morning on a right footing.

Hosted by Chris

Mdahalo wa Utawala

This is a program that talks about Good Governance and integrity amongst communities. Our people are affected in one way or another on a daily basis and need just a few members of society to come out and speak for them and also educate them on their rights. Different guests are normally invited to talk about different topics.

Hosted by: Bramwel Opiyo

Kids’ Program

A show that targets children between the ages of 4 – 10 with content that aims at entertaining and educating the young ones

Hosted by: Kate Oduor

Mishe Mishe

An urban gospel show that focuses on addressing challenges facing the youths through music and art. Mishemishe za Vijana show gives a platform to established and upcoming artist through interviews and airplay.

Hosted by: Duncan Maiche

Zinga la Spoti

Your weekly sports show dedicated to the local and regional sports fans coupled with all the local, regional and international hits and Sport updates

Weekend Connection

Your all time reggae music show. A pure entertainment show that seeks to give your weekend some spice !!!!!! 

Hosted by: Chris

Wimbo Mpya

A programme that gives you an opportunity to listen to our newly recorded music from our audio recording studio

Hosted by: Producer Peterkin


This is a program that gives reflection on the Sunday gospel. It seeks to prepare the listener for Sunday mass.

Hosted by Fr. George



Mawiyo Ya Sifa

As you prepare to go to church, start your Sunday with uplifting choir music, reflection on the readings of the day & celebration of the Holy Mass live from our studio on Mawiyo ya Sifa with #Jenny
#Tuchote Baraka za Asubuhi

Hosted by: Jenny

Good Shepherd

This is a program where we get to listen to our bishops addressing a variety of issues affecting us and the society in which we live.

Hosted by: Sr. Adelaide

Waumini Classicals

Waumini classicals is a program that endeavors to promote classical music through featuring various classical works by different composers across centuries. At Waumini Classicals, we undertake to unmusk and appreciate by musically re-living those classical periods.
It is always our joy to give you the very best as far as classical music is concerned.

Mnara wa Sala

This is an inspirational show which plays pure worship songs that help the listener to reflect more after the Sunday mass/services.

Hosted by Monicah Wangui Irungu

Tumshangilie Bwana

This show gives you an opportunity to internalize the message from the Sunday mass. As we rest at home, from church, we keep on meditating on God’s love to us, His people, with some beautiful Catholic choir music. St. Augustine reminds us that through good singing we pray twice. We are therefore able to complete our Sunday afternoon in a calm but entertaining way as we prepare to start the week’s activities.

Hosted by Maurice Otsieno

Know Your Faith

An evening talk show that is aired every Sunday from 7.30pm to 8.30 pm that seeks to strengthen our Catholic faith in God through Catholic teachings that are based on the catechism of the Roman Catholic Church in order to live life as per our Catholic faith.

Hosted by: Billy Ndeda

Holy Cross Ministries

This program seeks to inspire, promote and foster the prayer life and spiritual well-being of the family throughout the world based on the Marian spirituality with the rosary as the family prayer. It is guided by 3 pillars: Family, Faith and Prayer

Hosted by: The Holy Cross Family

Daily Faith-based Programs