The idea of Friends of Radio Waumini was brought forth when need arose to expand coverage to other parts of the country owing to public demand. Considering the fact that Radio Waumini is a non-profit making organization, there was need to call upon willing members of the society to financially assist the organization grow together through membership to the Friends of Waumini


TO BECOME A FRIEND OF THE RADIO IS EASY… You can join as an individual, family, jumuiya, group or institution.. Exercise your social responsibility by supporting Radio Waumini in its evangelization ministry..


Monthly contribution is open as per individual’s pledge.


Monthly contribution is open as per family’s pledge.


Monthly contribution is open as per institution’s pledge.

Once you become a member you will be provided with a Radio Waumini membership card.

Benefits of a Membership Card

Having a membership card provides members with the following benefits in addition to sharing in the joy of growing with our radio and supporting the radio ministry:


Advertising at very discounted Friends of Waumini rates to publicize your business and make it known.


Discount from certain shops, bookshops and Catholic stores.


You can channel your support to us in any of the following ways…


Paybill Number 560703

A/C Name: Friends


Co-operative Bank of Kenya

A/C No: 0112815068001

A/C Name: Waumini Communications Ltd – Friends of Radio Waumini.


You can also give your time and services to our different outreach programs or donate other items such as rosaries, books etc for these programs